Week 6

This is the last of the week posts, I’ll be doing short day posts about what’s been going on and such.  It seems easier, doing the shorter posts and writing little reflections.  So, we hiked Mt. Olympus over the weekend and I can tell you right now it was life changing.  I felt like I had done two 6k races and that my kneecap was going to fall off but it was amazing.  I’ve mainly been studying for midterm exams and getting everything sorted out with break coming up and continuing Inktober.  I’ve been doing yoga every tuesday as I can, and I’m going to start running again.  I swear.  Service learning was nice this week too, we walked around the area of the Galerius complex with some of the participants and sat outside at a juice cafe and talked.  I’m still working on my Greek but I’m getting better at recognizing words and such. Exam on friday!

Anyway, this week is ending with a dinner with some faculty members on thursday and me picking my laundry up on friday.  Oh! and my friend Emma’s birthday is on firday so we are going to dinner.  It’ll be fun, and it’s lovely being able to get out and do stuff after a week of final exams and such.


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