Week 5

Yes, I realize I am updating these all at once.  Yes, I know the posts are vague, I’m not very good at detail verbally – or written- but I’m trying!  It’s been super busy this week, I had a field trip to the Red Cross on tuesday Oct. 11 where they talked about what they do in Thessaloniki and how they helped/are helping with the refugee crisis.   It was interesting to see the contrasts to the Red Cross in the United States.  They don’t have to get CPR certified every two years and they are volunteers until 45.  Wild.  Anyway, we also had a art workshop where we learned about some of the icons that are on the walls in the hotel, and the artist came and talked to us about them.  It was fun, we traced the works and made our own icon paintings!  And there was another family dinner at a restaurant by the boardwalk that was pretty good, though I still think I like maple-glazed salmon the best.  Classes are going pretty well, It’s almost fall break and I can’t wait to go and see Paris!  See you later!




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