Week 3 & 4

I realize that these posts are super late, but in all honesty the weeks aren’t anything more than basic classes and the occasional trip to a museum.  The whole traditional blogging style really isn’t for me honestly, I find it stressful to write about each week in detail.  So in case anyone was wondering, I’ll write about what i’ve done each day from now on and maybe one single post for weekends.
Week 2 was getting through classes and basic projects.  we’ve pretty much adjusted to the schedules and such, and I’m loving the idea of a siesta hours in the afternoon because naps are amazing.  We went to Philippi and Kavala on Oct. 2, which was AMAZING!  Highly recommend spending time in the ancient city of Philippi if you get the chance. We visited the giant lion statue that was supposed to rest on top of the tomb of Amphipolis, which has inspired me to definitely have a large tomb when I die.  Go big or go home am I right?
Anyway, The ruins are extensive and large, there was so much history there you could feel it leaking out of every stone and corner.  I’ll put pictures in the gallery about it, but all I can really say was that having the ability to walk through the aged stone structures was amazing.  I’d 100% invest in a full reconstruction of that city. So after we went to Philippi we drove to Kavala for lunch and to walk around the city for a while.  The food was good, basic greek dishes and a lovely view of the port in the city.  The city itself was gorgeous!  We did a hour walking tour with our tour guide from Philippi, who described the sites wonderfully.  OMG, The Roman aqueducts were so impressive, spanning parts of the city high in the air.  We walked the thin streets, saw a quiet afternoon unfolding, and walked up to the home of Muhammad Ali, the pharaoh of Egypt.  The view was incredible, the ocean stretching for miles along a green coast.
Week 3 was pretty much the same class wise, though I have started Inktober again.  31 drawings in ink for the whole month of October. I went to the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki on Friday morning which was amazing.  The amount of objects and artifacts they have gathered there all from the past of Greece is incredible.  We saw statues, a well preserved body, amazing pottery and tools from the home.  Most of my classes are based o Greek history of some sort so it was really awesome to be able to see the actual artifacts so close.  HOWEVER I would like to say that we were going to go to Crete from OCt. 7-9, but strikes of ATC here in Greece totally squashed those plans.  So, to compensate we did a massive scavenger hunt on Friday around the city called the Husky Hunt.  Thanks to a GPS and the combined nerdism of our team of 6 (Sara, Amy, Andie, Olivia, Elissa and I) we managed to answer most of the questions given and find our way around the city pretty well . So instead we walked around Aristotelous Sq. on Saturday (found a great restaurant BTW) and chilled on Sunday.
Well that was my week.  See you later!

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