Week 2

Basically I found out I am still partially insomniatic/ I have terrible sleeping habits.  I totally didn’t fall asleep until past 12 both Monday and Tuesday. However!  This has given me the opportunity to start on my quest to stop procrastinating.  It hasn’t been working very well.
Monday I went to an event that Trisha, one of our ISA’s was hosting where you write future letters that we can open at the last week.  I did a to do list and a travel list, as well as a quick letter, which i’m hoping to cross stuff off of it.  Tuesday was pretty basic, I only had two classes, but I DID go to Aristotles Square with Olivia, Amy and Ashwini (party crew!!).
Wednesday was a good day though!  I was a bit tired after staying up too late (PSA: don’t drink a whole bottle of coke before bed, terrible idea).  But we started our service learning projects then. I work Wednesdays 5-7:30pm at a rehabilitation center for disabled children and young adults. We get to prepare activities for them to do at the volunteer center and hang out with them.  The staff seems really nice, and we met one of the kids. They seem really outgoing and positive, and I’m looking forward to meeting them!  I’ve got to practice my greek and learn how to make conversation. That aside, this is going to be a lovely opportunity!  OH! I also planned my fall break plans!  Paris, France for three days and then we move out to Strasbourg, France for a two days, only to drive back to catch a flight home on the Monday after break.  yes, I’m missing classes, but it is only two and not four so I’m okay with it.  I”m going with Amy, Olivia and Sara so I’m pumped!
Thursday basically was all classes and tiredness, and friday was the same.

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