Week One: Thessaloniki, Greece

Okay, so yeah I’ve only just started this blog and this is the first post that is LONG overdue. Quick background as to why I’m currently 4,585 miles away from hometown, USA.  My first semester as a freshman is being spent abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Northeastern University has a program that has students take their first semester abroad to another country, study at a university there, and make it back to the states by December. This essentially has me not only fulfilling my lifelong dream of going to Europe and specifically Greece, but I also get to study abroad.  Which I’ve wanted to do forever. ANYWAY!  So we’ve been here for one week exactly today, after leaving Monday Sept. 12 and landing on Greek dirt and concrete Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve got to say that the landing aspect of flying totally isn’t appealing.  At all.  My ears wouldn’t pop for three days and I felt kinda sick as we were descending but other than that it was totally fine.  We had a layover in Frankfurt, Germany and landed in Thessaloniki airport by 3.  Our International Student Advisors (ISA) greeted us at the gates and suddenly we were whisked off to our hotels.  Metropolitan Hotel gets a 4 star rating on my part. Staff is nice, close to the boardwalk, and you are close to downtown but not right there. It’s nice.  Although the whole make a new set of friends was a bit daunting, I can successfully say I have friends. Shocker.

After the quick unpacking of bags and meeting my roommate, Marisol (who has her own blog: alittlebitofseaandsun.com), this was essentially how our week went.

Tuesday: basically nonexistant as timezones and flying bent reality and caused me to miss a day.

Wednesday:  Tour of the neighborhood, three hour session on rules of the hotel, rules about the program and after dinner a evening cruise on one of the many boats theyve got in the harbor.

Thursday: Tour of the upper and lower city with my new Greek art professor, Lunch at a lovely sidestreet restaurant I 100% recommend called Ouzo Melathon, and then a evening along the lovely boardwalk surrounding Thessaloniki’s harbour

Friday & Saturday: FINALLY got our class schedules and a tour of ACT, the school we are attending for the next 11 weeks, and a much needed trip to IKEA.  I’m combining Saturday too because jet-lag and overall exhaustion took over me and I basically was a zombie. All day.

Sunday: Vergina.  We walked where kings and queens were buried at the Tomb of Phllip II and the rest of the royal family.  That was one of the best places to visit, it was amazing.  You could literally feel the weight of power when walking near their artifacts and belongings.

And then school started Monday.  Now I’ve got classes and a place with better wifi than this hotel to do homework so ACT is going to be busy.  I’m excited for classes and to enjoy myself in Greece as best as I can. We’ve got a ton of excursions planned through the school which I’ll post a list soon, but my first one is on Friday which is a three day sail around Halkidiki. Until Thursday, Avtio!!


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